Elias Tsakas

Department of Economics
Maastricht University

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 with John Nash in Stony Brook (2005)

with Lloyd Shapley in Stony Brook (2005)  


with Bob Aumann in Stony Brook (2006)


with Mark Voorneveld (my PhD advisor and good friend) during my PhD graduation in Göteborg (2008)



 with Mark (my advisor) and Pierfrancesco Guarino (my PhD student) in Maastricht (2017)

thinking of the great philosophers on the Great Rock of Acropolis (2008)

with James Harden courtside (Kings vs Rockets) in Sacramento (2017)

in the Champions League Final in Athens (2007)

back in the day when football was all that mattered (1994)

competing for glory where it all started (Stadio in Ancient Olympia, 2008)


with the hero of my childhood in Sacramento (2017)   

with Vlade Divac in Sacramento (2017) 

in Vesuvio thinking of Mr. Tambourine Man, in San Francisco (2017)       



in Wembley at the highest-attended game (Spurs vs Arsenal) in the history of the Premier League (2018)    


watching Steph Curry explode (Warriors vs Clippers) in Oakland (2017)         


in my happy place (2013)

with my best friend (2019)